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Did you know that towing in Sydney is a licensed activity? This means that only licensed, accredited operators can drive tow trucks for authorized operators. Sydney Tow Truck is your local authorized operator with an entire fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks at our disposal. Whether you require a tow truck, or special car towing services, we can have a tow truck to you as soon as possible.

Our mission is to provide professional and courteous tow truck services in Ashfield paired with robust recovery services to our customers. We offer our services as promptly and efficiently as possible while maintaining our focus on productivity, profitability, value, and survival in the marketplace. We are in the business of assisting people. We understand the importance of treating our customers with dignity and respect and recognize that exceptional service begins with quality people.

Dedicated services providers

When it comes to dedication, it is the quality Sydney Tow Truck prides itself on. Our business solely focuses on getting customers and their vehicles out of bad situations. The goal is to do so as quickly, and as safely as possible. We put our staff through extensive training to ensure they are prepared for every towing outcome. They learn how to operate each type of tow truck, how to handle possible setbacks, and how to service customers at times of probable frustration. We also provide special car towing services.

Our company was established a long time back and now responds to over 110,000 service requests each year. Our firm utilizes the Initiative, Talent, and Teamwork of over 100 of the best-qualified individuals to respond to these service requests.

Delivering the best for you

Sydney Tow Truck has made significant investments in purchasing the right equipment and trucks to handle the market’s unique towing and recovery requirements. This investment translates into safety, efficiency, and peace of mind for both our customers and our employees. Computerized dispatching along with different types of state-of-the-art towing vehicles allows us to maintain our position as the “premier” service provider in our area and one of Ashfield’s largest tow truck and emergency roadside assistance service providers.

It’s a sticky situation when your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, especially if you’re in unfamiliar territory. When you need professional, friendly assistance in Ashfield, Sydney Tow Truck should be the first business you call. Our drivers are fully certified and licensed, so you can feel reassured that only professionals are handling your special car towing and road service needs.

Sydney Tow Truck got solutions to all roadside problems including road accidents, stolen or lost keys, and breakdowns. All these are unforeseen cases and that is the reason why we have come up with a roadside assistance service.